How it all started….

                The passion for dogs goes back to 2003 as our first breed dog, Japanese Spitz, has touched our hearts for her loyalty and love that she has shown to us. She has given us the spark to produce Special dogs for people. In 2005, we started our own breeding program that focuses on large breeds thus “ Xyryll of Schults” was built. As years passed different breeds have entered Xyryll of Schults Kennel but we have not felt that it is meant for us. We decided to change our kennel name thus BLUESTEEL KENNEL started.



                Bluesteel Kennel have bred quality dogs since 2008. In 2011, BLUESTEEL entered the dog show world. Our first show dog was with a Yorkshire terrier and was our stepping stone in showing dogs. We had received no help during our first months in show but through our hard work and dedication made by the people in Bluesteel, ignorance did not stop our dream. Bluesteel kennel produced their first hall of fame, a Norwich terrier named Daphne, who brought multiple best in groups, a best in show placement in their name and produced several titled dogs. We started to import dogs from different countries in 2013. It is a way to help us improve our lines and a big help in achieving our goal to produce top class dog for the people.  Bluesteel have now produced 15 Philippine Champions, 11 Philippine Grand Champions, 6 Hall of fames and 7 International Champions. In 2015, through our hard work and dedication, our Wired Fox Terrier imported from Kazakhstan made his way to the top for being the number 1 PCCI Top Terrier of 2015 and PCCI top 10 all breed of 2015 by winning multiple group firsts, a 3rd BEST IN SHOW and a BEST in SHOW. Bluesteel is still making its legacy and promise to the people that we will not stop in improving our dogs to be within the standard of each breed and to have a temperament that is good, both for the show ring and to your loving homes.  Bluesteel Kennel strives to be on top and to continue to be successful in producing special dogs for special people and for us, the only way is to truly love the dogs.


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